Did You Know That Golf Can Extent Your Life?


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Are you one of the 4 million people across the UK who try to fit a round of golf into your week? According to a Swedish study playing golf regularly could be adding years to your life, with a 40% lower death rate in golfers, equivalent to five extra years of life compared with those not participating in regular activity.

A similar study in Finland found that inactive middle-aged men who took up golf two to three times a week improved their aerobic fitness, reduced their weight and waist size and had higher levels of protective HDL cholesterol in their blood – all good news for preventing heart disease.

Walking a round:

Walking is one of the best ways to get your dose of heart-healthy activity and, with the average round of golf involving walking anything between three and seven miles, golfing is an excellent work out. Depending on the size of the course, the terrain, and your pace, golfers can burn as many calories as a 45 minutes intense workout, especially if carrying their own clubs or pulling a trolley.


Bread and putter:

Get the balance right – a full English breakfast, heavy lunch or several drinks at the clubhouse could undo all the benefits gained from your round. Keep your diet low in fat, especially saturated fat, salt and sugar, but rich in fruit, vegetables and wholegrains to give your heart and arteries the best and see you through to the eighteenth with energy to spare.

In the swing of things:

Golfing is a low-injury risk sport to be enjoyed with friends, and playing outdoors throughout the year will give your body plenty of opportunity to top up on vitamin D. Regular golfing may also help to reduce stress, so focus on taking the perfect shot and blow your worries and those cobwebs away.

Hole in one:

There are lots of ways to get into the golfing groove- improve your technique with a few lessons, hit out at the driving range, or organise a heart-healthy team day at work and sign up for a local golf event. Why not check out Heart Research UK’s Helping Hearts Golf Day on 6th August? Visit their website for more information.

Get the golfing bug and work on that handicap to enjoy the many benefits a healthy golfer’s lifestyle can bring; suss out your local pay and play courses and driving ranges and tee-off to a healthy heart.

For more information and advice about healthy living, contact Heart Research UKvia email lifestyle@heartresearch.org.uk


Food for Happy Thoughts From Scottsdale Golf Fitness Trainers

You’ve probably heard that nuts are good for you. They have heart-healthy antioxidants and are a great source of healthy fats. Scottsdale Golf Fitness Trainers want you to know that nuts can also make you feel happy!

For the first time, scientists discovered a link between eating nuts and serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is a chemical your brain releases that can suppress appetite, improve heart health, and make you feel calmer and happier. It only takes one ounce of mixed nuts to produce the “happy” effects.

The results of the study appeared in the Journal of  Proteome Research. To see the effect of nut consumption on serotonin levels, scientists put 22 patients with metabolic syndrome (symptoms include excess belly fat, high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar) on a nut-enriched diet for 12 weeks. This group was compared to another group of patients with metabolic syndrome who were implicitly told to AVOID eating nuts.

The scientists then analyzed samples for certain compounds and found evidence of several healthy changes in the body. Most surprising was that the group eating mixed nuts (raw walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts) had serotonin metabolites in their systems, which indicates higher serotonin levels in the body.

This great news gives you even more good reasons to include nuts in your diet. Just don’t go overboard eating them. Even though they have many health benefits, nuts are still very dense in calories, so a little goes a long way. An ounce of nuts equals about a handful.

So if you want a healthy snack that has the potential to make you happier too, then “go nuts!” Scottsdale Golf Fitness Trainers recommend sticking with the kinds of nuts used in the study (raw walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts) if you’re looking for the mood-enhancing effects.

Fitness Training Tips for the Golf Enthusiast

Fitness Training Tips for the Golf Enthusiast

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Fitness training is important in golf. It’s definitely something you should be doing if you wish to improve your game. Also, it’ll help you prevent yourself from getting injured and will definitely help you by having the degree of health and fitness that you desire. You might not understand exactly how you must educate your muscles for golf. So, we’re going to share with you some successful golf health and fitness instruction tips.

1. The first activity that you ought to be doing is with an exercising ball. This is exactly what most pros utilize to improve their game. To make use of the ball effectively, you should hold the ball in front of you, while you’re in the golf stance. After you have carried that out, swing the ball from side to side as if you are swinging your golf club.The following tips will help you to be better golfer as well as get in better shape.

2. Yet another golf physical fitness instruction tip that you should be carrying out is cardio. This will help you increase your endurance, so that you can easily make it through a round of golf. Some cardio training that you can easily carry out is jogging on a treadmill, riding a bike, taking a health and fitness session, as well as swimming at the pool. You ought to do this at least 3 times a week.

3. The third thing you should do to get better at golf is to weight train. This will definitely assist you with the power, durability, and stamina. A couple weight instruction exercises that you should do consists of shoulder press, bench press, bicep curls, lateral raises for your shoulders, as well as tricep pushdowns. Also, be certain to weight train at the very least 3 days a week.

Carbs are key to fueling workouts | The Columbus Dispatch


Nicole Carroll now eats before working out, including morning sessions at the Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club in Powell.

When it comes to exercise, carbs are your friends.

Experts say carbohydrates are what your body prefers to burn as you kick out 90?minutes of spinning, your morning run or your weight-training session at the gym.

If you’re on a long-haul workout training for an event — or if you just like to push yourself for a couple of hours at a time — you need to keep those carbs coming, through sports drinks or another energy source.

And after you’re finished, you shouldn’t go longer than an hour before giving your body rebound fuel, ideally carbohydrates and protein. Chocolate milk or soymilk, for instance, or some trail mix.

“Eating that small snack before you go and exercise is like topping off your fuel tank so you’re ready to rock and roll,” said Jonathan Scott, an avid distance runner and dietitian who is working on his doctorate in health and rehabilitation sciences at Ohio State University.

Sports dietitian Dawn Holmes said she generally recommends a small snack 30 minutes to an hour before a workout.

“A handful of pretzels, granola, a banana, an apple — something that will sit well, digest well and sort of give you a quick burst of energy,” said Holmes, who works at MAX Sports Medicine and is with the OhioHealth sports-medicine program.

That’s especially true if you’re exercising first thing in the morning or it has been six hours since lunch. You’ll be sluggish on an empty stomach compared with the guy on the next treadmill who opted for pre-workout yogurt.

Holmes said a pre-workout snack can help you exercise more intently, burn more calories, lift more weights and gain more strength and endurance.

All from a handful of pretzels.

Nicole Carroll of Powell said she likes to do just about any physical activity, and a lot of it, but until recently she often left home for her pre-sunup workouts without eating anything.

After she went through an OhioHealth runner’s clinic, she discovered that a handful of graham crackers makes a big difference.

Now, when she gets to the gym or goes for a run, “I’m ready. It’s just a little kick-start, and it’s all I really need,” said Carroll, who

is 39.

She also learned that she needed to take in a lot more water for the amount of sweating she was doing. In the middle of longer workouts, she eats some gel or a granola bar and keeps the water going throughout.

On race days, she eats a big, carb-heavy breakfast at least an hour in advance.

Regardless of what exercise you do, it’s important to put the proper fuel in your tank, Scott said. He recommends foods low in fiber and fat to ease digestion.

“We suggest that people experiment with foods and find out what combinations of things work out best for them,” Scott said.

If you’re training for a distance event, you should stick with what you know worked during training,

he said.

Kate Mone, a dietitian with Cleveland Clinic’s sports-health program, said those exercising for more than an hour should take in 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrates per hour. A 16-ounce sports drink gives you about 30.

Those who exercise more intensely should shoot for closer to the 60-gram mark, Mone said.

Without adequate carbs to burn, “Your body has to resort to some other type of fuel source.”

Sometimes that’s fat, but sometimes that’s muscle, especially during intense exercise. And if you are hungry going into a workout, your body is especially likely to conserve fat.

“I’ve seen this in so many patients. Some tell me they work out three or four hours and aren’t losing weight,” Mone said. “That’s because you’re putting your body in starvation mode, and it’s holding on to that fat and burning muscle.”

Scott said a lot of people don’t realize how important a post-workout meal or snack is. A shot of carbs and protein (at a ratio of 4 to 1 or 3 to 1) ensures that muscle glycogen is replaced and that worn and torn muscles will repair quickly.

As for your general diet, the experts say there isn’t a list of magic foods to make you faster and stronger.

They say a balanced and healthy diet — whole grains, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and lean proteins — will serve you well whether you’re a walker, a yogi or an Olympian.


The article illustrate the important of carbs before your workout. Carbohydrates are like jet fluid for your body that gives you that extra boost energy.

Weekend Tip: Classic advice from Harvey Penick: The Instruction Blog: Golf Digest

Weekend Tip: Classic advice from Harvey Penick

penick.jpgI was sifting through some back issues of Golf Digest the other day and ran across one of our biggest-selling issues of all time, May 1992. Jack Nicklaus wasn’t on the cover; neither was Tom Watson or Lee Trevino or Greg Norman. It wasn’t Seve or Arnie. And Tiger had just won his first U.S. Junior. No, the man on the cover was 87-year-old Harvey Penick, the former University of Texas golf coach and head professional at Austin Country Club. The sage advice in the article, written with Bud Shrake, hit home with thousands of readers, and our article propelled Mr. Penick’s The Little Red Book into one of the best-selling golf books of all time. Hard to believe that was nearly 20 years ago. Here are a handful of gems from that article that might help you this weekend. The genius of Harvey Penick, who mentored Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite, is that he was a man of few words. He never overtaught. And he let his students figure it out for themselves.

Roger Schiffman
Managing Editor
Golf Digest
Twitter @RogerSchiffman

Do you need help?
If you play poorly one day, forget it. If you play poorly the next time out, review your fundamentals of grip, stance, aim and ball position. Most mistakes are made before the club is swung. If you play poorly for a third time in a row, go see your professional.

Powder the ball
Many average golfers are not sure which part of the clubface is striking the ball–whether it’s with the putter, an iron or a driver. It’s very simple to find out. Take a can of talcum powder with you to the range or to the putting green. Powder the ball. Hit it. Look at the clubface. You’ll know immediately.

Chip of pitch?
Always chip the ball if:
1. The lie is poor.
2. The green is hard.
3. You have a downhill lie.
4. The wind influences the shot.
5. You are under stress.

Pitch if:
1. The lie is good.
2. You have an uphill lie.
3. The green is very soft.
4. There is an obstacle in the way.

A practice rule

Never practice your full swing when the wind is blowing at your back. If you’re right-handed, this means the wind is left to right. The more you practice with the wind blowing at your back, the more you will be inclined to swing across the ball and hit from the top. Ben Hogan was one

of the first to realize this. Ben would seek out a part of the course where the wind was blowing into his face, either right to left or head-on, and that’s where he would practice.

If you practice into the wind, just use your regular swing. Don’t try to hit it harder. And please be careful not to practice too many “punch” shots. There is no follow-through on a “punch” shot.

Putting advice
A putt that dies at the hole will sometimes topple in, whereas a putt that is struck too hard will hit the hole and spin away. Just as many putts are missed behind the hole as short of it. The cup is only one inch wide for a putt that is struck too hard. The cup is four inches wide for a ball that dies at the hole. I like to see a putt slip into the hole like a mouse.

Photo by Dom Furore/Golf Digest


Fitness: A golfer’s guide to the treadmill: Golf Digest

A Golfer’s Guide to the Treadmill

December 2008


If you want to improve your golf fitness, running on a treadmill at a set pace isn’t the best approach, says Randy Myers, director of fitness at Sea Island resort in Georgia. Golf is a start-and-stop activity that involves explosive movements and lateral rotation. A workout that combines backward walks, side shuffles and high-speed intervals will burn calories and build your golf-specific muscles. Below, your ideal treadmill routine.


1. Backward Walk

Walk backward at 3 to 5 miles per hour for three minutes. Turn around and walk forward for one minute. Repeat three times. This targets the glutes and hamstrings needed for balance.


2. Side Shuffles

Face sideways and shuffle in a golf posture for 30 seconds in each direction at 3 mph and at a slight incline. Repeat three times. This builds hip and thigh muscles for stability in the swing.


3. High-Speed Intervals

Run for 30 seconds at 7 mph, then walk for 30 seconds at 3 mph. Repeat 10 times. This builds aero-bic endurance and simulates the start/stop nature of golf.

As most golfer will agree winter months are a great opportunity for training for upcoming golf season.

Best Food To Eat To Lose Weight

There are quite a few tips that are provided when persons are attempting to get rid of weight. Recognizing the greatest food to consume to eliminate weight goes along with knowing when to take in, and how much to eat, as well. Some men and women choose to count calories, see their carbohydrates or eradicate all sugars and fats from their diet regime.

When it comes to deciding upon the proper diet plan for you, think about the facts about who you are individually. Just about every eating habits does not get the job done for every particular person, which is evident by how lots of there are. Each individual is various, with various bone structure, blood style and DNA.

Some answers will not do the job for some people today and could even bring about serious overall health difficulties. For the reason that of this, textbooks have been written and information has been granted about how to identify what is finest for you in certain.

Consuming nutritious meals is constantly a great concept, even if you are not attempting to drop excess fat. The healthy meals you choose really should consist of food items you are not allergic to, can stomach effortlessly and provide all the suitable nutrition for your particular entire body. Your diet regime must involve members of each foods group in balanced portions.

Veggies are incredibly healthful for the human body. A very few of the greatest veggies to take in are greens, such as broccoli, spinach and asparagus, along with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and cucumbers. This in itself gives a nice snack or luncheon meal, like as a salad. Salads topped with balanced meals which include smaller cubes of ham or chicken and a small-calorie dressing support in bodyweight loss and retaining diet.

Some of the nutritious grains that assist in lessening pounds are oatmeal, potatoes and beans. These purely natural starches and healthy and balanced carbohydrates will assist give the entire body the vitality it requires to drop additional lbs. Nuts and legumes are fantastic for this, as nicely.

There certainly is no explanation to cut out meats from your diet plan. There is also no will need to concentrate solely on meats except if this is the diet method you favor. When picking out meat, consider to get grass fed anytime achievable and pick out totally free-range turkey or chicken, even when it arrives to eggs. These are healthier for the human body, acquiring less chemicals added for preservation. All varieties of meat are good for offering the protein the entire body requires to fortify the muscular tissues and to hold the vitality stage great. Fish should not be forgotten in this group. Trout is 1 of the greatest meals to consume to continue to keep you healthy and balanced and minimize weight problems.

Fruits are not very last on the listing simply because they are the least nutritious. All kinds of fruit have a value in some way or one more. The best three fruits for supporting to lose pounds are grapefruit, blueberries, and apples. All of these, furthermore practically just about every other fruit, can be acquired in liquid juice type, raw, cooked or frozen. Tasty recipes can be produced with any of them.

With all the discussion of the ideal food to take in to shed weight, there is a person thing that should by no means be forgotten. An excellent way to trim down and eliminate extra pounds is to consume plenty of h2o with just about every meal. This flushes out the contaminants in the entire body and allows the foods digest at a correct fee.

Learn more about Best Food To Eat To Lose Weight.

To be at your best, it important to look and feel at your best.

Fitness Friday: Ham it up: The Instruction Blog: Golf Digest

Fitness Friday: Ham it up

Editor’s note: Every week my colleague Ron Kaspriske, Golf Digest Fitness Editor, presents Fitness Friday on the Instruction Blog. This week he works on strengthening and stretching your hamstrings, which are essential to hitting the ball farther and more solidly and preventing back problems. Look for Saturday Morning Tip tomorrow (hint: playing in extreme heat), and remember to follow me on Twitter @RogerSchiffman.

Roger Schiffman
Managing Editor
Golf Digest

Here’s Ron: The hamstrings (the large muscle group on the back side of your thighs) play a huge role not only in increasing your clubhead speed–a key to power–but also in maintaining your posture–a key to hitting it solid. Those two reasons alone should be enough for any golfer to want to incorporate hamstring strength and flexibility exercises into a workout routine. But strong, pliable hammies also play a huge role in reducing lower-back pain. At this point, you should be sold.

Athletes in most power sports–especially track and field, football and soccer–have known for years that healthy hamstrings are a key to longevity. Golfers are finally catching on to this notion, in part, thanks to improvements in equipment. To really capitalize on the technology put into golf clubs and balls, being able to make a strong, efficient swing is key. And that’s very difficult to accomplish without the hamstrings doing what they’re supposed to do, which is help supply the lower body with power, protect the knee joints and lower back from unnecessary twisting, and also support the trunk when you swing through the ball.

OK, enough preaching on why you should incorporate hamstring exercises into your workout. Now comes the “how to.” Mark Verstegen, owner of Athletes Performance in Scottsdale and

one of the top fitness trainers in the world, suggests working on flexibility, but also stability, as those two things often go hand and hand. In other words, if the region around your hamstrings isn’t particularly stable, you could have the flexibility of a rubber band and it wouldn’t matter. The body wouldn’t allow you to tap into that range of motion. So you need to strengthen and lengthen the hamstring region at the same time. To see me demonstrate Mark’s recommended exercises for golfers, click on the video below.

Ron Kaspriske
Fitness Editor
Golf Digest

Follow Ron on Twitter @RonKaspriske

The hamstrings are one of the most important muscle group that you uses in golfing. That why I have implement these exercises in my regular workout.

#82 – Golf Fitness | Wellness & Health

Golf Exercises for More Power | Men’s Health


Training for more power on the course doesn’t necessarily involve heavy weights and explosive ballistic workouts—in fact, too much strength training could hinder your performance. “A guy who is very strong but lacking in mobility and flexibility won’t be able to bring his body and muscles to a full range of motion,” says Katherine Roberts, certified golf performance trainer. “Without that full range of motion, he won’t be able to reach maximum potential in strength.” However, someone who is weak and too flexible won’t be able to generate enough power, she says. That’s why a more powerful swing is best achieved with a mix of lifting and flexibility training. Do these 14 exercises 3 to 5 days a week to strengthen your power muscles and improve your range of motion for a stronger swing and more distance off the tee.

Side Split Squat
Golf Squat
Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift
Pilates Rolldown with Oblique Twist
Core Crunch with Ball
30-Second Speed Drill
Front and Side Leg Swing
Dumbbell Row with Rotation
Power Rotation with Clap
Golf Twist
Rear Delt Exercise
Swiss-Ball Russian Twist
Supine Groin Stretch

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These exercises will help you add power to your game